Wolfville Artist’s New Exhibition Exposes On June 17


At the Harvest Gallery in Wolfville, artist Steven Rhude will prompt a giggle as well as his outstanding talent grand opening on 17th June 2017, Saturday. Steven’s phenomenon new work is one of the eye-catching at a new exhibition at the Harvest. Steven’s ‘Painting as an Art’ exhibition opening runs from 2 – 4 p.m. Steven Rhude’s imagined portrait of the Mi’kmaq god Kluskap holding a chunk of pale purple. Rhude recalls every gallery seemed to hold an attraction for him later as a young graduate in Toronto. Steven Rhude said, “Convincing myself that something wonderful is waiting to be seen is becoming difficult now that the digital revolution has created an explosive cocktail of virtual galleries and visual imagery”.

Steven stated, “Channeled through myriad websites and social media, painting has become a post art activity, by and large, a culture in which visual language is framed by appeals to emotion disconnected from the nature of experience, and by the repeated assertion of the “like” button to which skill and insight are summarily ignored”. In the Western world, With the invention of photography, Steven suggests, “painting’s day in the sun more or less came to an end. Photography unequivocally altered our view of contemporary life and allowed every man to view and translate his world without relying on skills based tradition like painting as a medium for outside interpretation”. At Wolfville, Rhude’s works represent some recent thematic subjects. The Owner of the Harvest Gallery, Lynda MacDonald said that Steven replicates on leading works that have endured perceptible in his memory over the years. Steven said, “I did 11 homage works in total for this exhibition and still have several others in mind for the future”.