US: Orlando Airport Terminal Embargoed Due to Forged Incident


On 30th May 2017 Tuesday night, according to the several sources said that a man was taken into custody at the Orlando International Airport with his fake gun around three-hour standoff with police in one of the main terminals. A police officer said that the man was trying to draw a gun from authorities by hostile passengers to attempt suicide. As the gun was fake so no shots were fired, but due to this incident panicked passengers ran for cover as the suspect in the terminal’s rental car area, officials reported. The Orlando Police Department said, “Gunman is in custody. Everyone is safe”. The Officer recognized the gunman as Michael Wayne Pettigrew and said he was a former Marine. Police said, “the 26-year-old faces one count of worse attack with a firearm on a law enforcement officer”.

A gunman is also being held under Baker Act, a Florida mental health law. The Act allows officers to inspect a suspect supposed to have a mental illness or pose a risk to himself or others. Police department stated that hundreds of officers joined at the airport after receiving reports of a black male holding a gun. The police department said, “The suspect pointed the gun at officers and said ‘shoot me, shoot me!’”. Chief John Mina told reporters that at a particular moment the suspect turned the gun toward police. Law Administration cleared the first floor of the airport and shut down the terminal where officers cornered the suspect. The incident arises almost six months after an Iraq War veteran was defendant of loading a gun in a baggage area at the Fort Lauderdale International airport and killing five people. The supposed gunman, Esteban Santiago, was charged with centralized crimes and could face the death penalty.