University of Texas Stabbings: One Killed and Three Harmed at Austin Campus


On Monday 1st May 2017, attack at the University of Texas at Austin killed one and harmed three students as per the authority’s statement. Because of this university canceled its rest of the days scheduled.

A lady Austin police Jennifer Herber said that a suspicious now in custody. On Monday’s news conference, Police Chief David Carter said the suspect appear to be a student of the university. He also exposed the suspect name as “Kendrex J”.

Carter said, “The officer observed the individual walking away from an individual who was down on the ground”. “He was armed with a large, Bowie-style hunting knife.”

The officer confronted the man, Carter said, drawing his weapon and ordering the man to the ground. Then the suspicious was taken into custody.

Carter said, “It was described to us that the individual calmly walked around the plaza. and basically attacked these four unfortunate students”.

The UT president, Greg Fenves said,” There are no words to describe my sense of loss”. “Campus safety is our highest priority and we will investigate this tragic incident to the greatest extent possible.”

Authorities didn’t think there was an ongoing threat though investigation, Fenves told the reporter.

Further, he said, “Call your parents, to let them know that you are safe. We ask our faculty and staff to help each other, to reach out to family members, also”.