United States: President Trump’s Proposal Affect Medicaid


The United States President, Donald Trump’s proposal will affect Medicaid. As the proposal will include $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid, as per the plan. According to the report, the cut would apply over the next period, for the Medicaid program the cut could include a reduction in the federal funding. It helps to shift more of the burden on funding the program to states. States would then be allowed to tighten eligibility requirements, reduce provider payments. On 25th May 2017 the proposal will be exposed but it faces a substantial battle in Congress. The Medicaid program serves health insurance program as many as 70 million people for poor children, as well as for adults and for elder people.

The Trump proposal joined with the House Republican health care plan to nice Medicaid costs by some $800 billion over the next 10 years. But the proposal removes about 10 million people from the benefit rolls. The proposal will also give states more authority to pass laws needing employment in order to receive some benefits, according to the Washington post. Alabama became one of three states limiting to three months of assistances within a 3-year time frame unless they are working in a job training program. The Medicaid cuts are just part of a major prerogative program repair that contains falls in food stamps and some healthcare programs intended to save as much as $1.7 trillion.