United States: Plant City Experts Peculiar Work at Comic Convention Event


At Mega Convention, a large multi-genre convention that caters to the comic book, sci-fi, anime, fantasy and so on, the artist Alley generally filled with the latest video game crazes as well as several takes on pop culture mainstays. There are cushions made of Star Wars T-shirts and endless other options, as well as designed postcards with characters from the video game Overwatch and so many things. All these things something recognizably different makes Artist Alley unique in its own way. Rebecca Nipper and Charles Galvin’s hand-crafted natural leather goods, each represents the unique style of work in its own way. Rebecca Nipper and Charles Galvin manage the Tracks of the art gallery in Historic Downtown. Both travel to events around the country that feature more culture related art, in addition to fine arts festivals.

Nipper said, “The giant pink flamingo got a lot of attention”. Nipper art began with fairies and more fantasy-based subject but her interest in nature along with animals shifted her art to more “whimsical, nature-based” paintings. Nipper said,” My fascination with all the critters helped but the background in environmental science really fuelled the fire”. Other leather sellers at convention event are reselling manufactured products or they are custom makers of costume items. Galvin makes “living art” which mainly includes belts, wallets, purses, and flasks, to be used every day. Nipper said, “The leather changes when it comes in contact with the sun, outside elements and even your body chemistry”. Further, she added, “It almost becomes a collaborative piece”.