Twitter: Growing Everywhere but Not Lifting Its Profit


Twitter, Online news and social networking site, finally growing good and showing signs of activity after a long time, even of flatlining.

On 27th April 2017, the social media Behemoth released its quarterly report, look very inspiring. But cannot reach its targeted profit.

According to the report, the firm losses total 7-percent quarterly. As revenue was huge than the expected one but still the firm losses profit about $62 million. But as compare with the last result, that’s the smallest loss. It’s surely better than last quarters.

Day by day the social site also blusters 328 million people monthly, which is more than it had in last quarter.

The firm broadcasted earlier to its plans to have 24/7 live video on the application. This will automatically increase unstoppable ads which could translate more money for the firm.

The firm got the more user even it may not have the best mechanism.