Toonz Animation Master Summit: Malaysian Team Awarded for “The Cliff House” project


Toonz Animation Summit held yesterday where a Malaysian team earned Flying Elephant award for their “The Cliff House” project. The project is an animated short film named “The Cliff House” which tells the story of an old person wants to build a tower to achieve his goals. As per the lead animator Tan Lih Haur, the team involving a Wong Jin Yao, 23, who plays a role of director, lighting and shading artist, Woon Chee Khai, 23, he is an effects artist and Kong Wei Cheng, 24, art director, animator. Tan said, “We felt the impulse to polish up the film and the team had it completed by March before deciding to post as many entries as possible for various competitions both at the local and international stage”. He added, “We had a discussion on possibly collaborating for future projects but at present, we want to seek for jobs and get better at what we do”.

Indonesian director Gloria Abigail got the second prize in the competitions for “Oh Bey”, and Taiwanese director Po-Han awarded third prize for his film Close Circuit and fourth prize went to Joe Chang from China for Rain Lotus. The summit included leading animators from all around the world. Among them were lFred Wang, Vice-President of the China Film Foundation, Lauren Glaubach, Head of Programming and Strategic Management, YouTube Family and Learning, Amy Blair, Programming Manager, YouTube Kids, John McKenna, creative producer, among others.