The Software Mogul’s Sway Over World Health Organisation: Bill Gates


The software mogul’s sway over world health organization spurs criticism about misplaced priorities. In Geneva, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates have a United Nations health agency. Over the past period, the world’s richest man has become the world Health Organization’s second biggest donor. Concern about billionaire’s sway – roughly a quarter of WHO’s budget goes towards polio eradication. Sophie Harman, associate professor of international politics at the Queen Mary University of London said,” All of the candidates are going to have to ally with him in some way”. Already a year ago, when billionaire Gates started delivering money into malaria eradication, top officials- including the chief of the malaria program raised a concern that the foundation was distorting research priorities.

Bill Gates was the first person to keynote WHO’s general assembly of the member countries. A Geneva-based NGO representative said, “He is treated like a head of the state, not only at WHO but also at the G2o”. Bryan Callahan, deputy director for executive engagement at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said,” It’s always a fair question to ask whether a large philanthropy has a disproportionate influence”. Gates Foundation’s director of multilateral partnerships, Steve Landry said the foundation delivers substantial funds to program teams that then decide how to use them best.