Sony Pictures’ “The Interview” to Release in Canada Very Soon!


On Tuesday, Sony Pictures announced that it would release its controversial comedy, “The Interview” on Friday across theaters in Canada. Filmed in Canada and written by two Canadian writers, the movie only had a local US release, but it will now be release in twenty-seven theaters in different cities in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick and Manitoba. Starting this Friday, many Canadians will get to see the assassination farce starring James Franco and Seth Rogen in theaters near them!

Why should Canadians go watch a movie on North Korea?

Despite its Canadian connection, the film was available only in the United States at first. But the marketing strategy that is being used for the Canadian market is the same that was used in the US. Canadians are being encouraged to watch the movie and to show their support for freedom of censorship and expression.

“The Interview” in short: A comical story of two men and their assassination attempt

The movie deals with two men (played by James Franco and Seth Rogen) who are recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency to assassinate Kim Jung Un, reclusive leader of North Korea. Suspicious of all kinds of western intentions, North Korea was extremely angry about the movie even while filming was taking place.

Hacking of Sony Pictures and threats of 9/11 style attacks on theaters preceded release

The beginning of the month saw an unknown group of hackers, supposedly supported by North Korea, hacking Sony Pictures as well as threatening a9/11 like attack on movie theaters if the film was released. Initially scheduled to open in 3,000 theaters on December 25, the movie was only released in about 300 independent theaters and through video on demand platforms. Major theater chains refused to screen the movie though many have come forward in support of it.