Smart Radars Used to Detect Traffic Violations


The police department of Dubai has launched a smart controller that can help to control the traffic destruction more accurately. The new device can be controlled through smartphones.

The new smart controller has various features which mainly involve an integrated technology system that encourages the activity police to guarantee street wellbeing as well as fix electronic control on streets while concentrating on checking the hazardous infringement conferred by drivers.

Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri explained that the new smart controller has been launched to keep pace with the keen change in different regions of police work and improve the utilization of current developments to accomplish the key goals of the Dubai Police.

The technical team of Dubai has been allocated to execute the new radar framework, which will support outside streets’ control and achieve street security.

The smart controller has come with other features, to measure the traffic violations such as above the maximum speed limit, pedestrians crossing from non-designated areas and road obstruction it has a high-quality surveillance camera. The smart device helps to fix on road fences and move for a short distance to record the sum of the violating vehicle.

The another feature of the device that can transmit everything to the order and control focus, aside ringing a caution and utilizing amplifiers for transmission of caution messages to drivers or walkers, and the device could be operated by officers through a mobile application.

The smart device can be operated at many places, as well as it can contribute to secure events by monitoring the roads.