Russia Explosion: 14 Dead in Terror Attack in ST Petersburg


On Monday 3rd April 2017 afternoon, Russian people suffered from terror attack, arduous video and photographs began viral on social media. Although 14 people have died and attack could have been unpleasant.

The explosion took place between the Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations about 2.40 p.m. Photographs from the scene showed bloodied bodies being carried from station where train came to stop, station filled with smoke.

Metro attack was carried out by a suicide bomber originally from central Asian Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Bomber was Akbarjon Djalilov,22-year-old, identified as Russian national born in Kyrgyzstan. His DNA matched by investigators to a bomb outcast at another metro station defused by authorities. Russia, a nation that had precis release from terror, is again being provoked to dangers that were overcome but never eliminated.

The driver of train, Alexander Kaverin, has been acclaimed in Russia for continuing to the next station after the blast, ensuring quick expulsion of passengers. On Tuesday, Russian Health Ministry raised the count of dead from 11 to 14 and injured dozens. It was not clear whether that number included the attacker.

According to Russia expert, the security services have been realizing they only postponed the terrorism problem and that “sooner or later the belligerent”.