Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain Starrer, “A Most Violent Year” Is Brooding and Riveting


Rated R, the Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain starring, “A Most Violent Year” is opening on Wednesday in select cities. Directed by JC Chandor, the film is not only complex but thought provoking and tremendously well crafted as well. This latest movie from Chandor is an apt follow-up to the director’s earlier two movies “Margin Call” and “All Is Lost”. Unlike the predecessors, his latest cinematic outing is much larger and wider in scale and range.

Movie a depiction of 1980s New York where heating oil was the most lucrative business

The movie showcasesNew York City in the 1980s, where the business of selling heating oil was the most unspectacular but lucrative business to be in. The business is not without its own sets of rules and regulations in addition to the presence of Mafia families.And amidstthese Mafia-like surroundingsis the ambitious immigrant and heating oil owner, Abel Morales – played by Isaac – who runs a profitable business of selling heating oil.Although outwardly he represents the American Dream,he triesto be a man of honor amid the ever present corruption and shady practices of the trade.

High-powered performances with unforgettable twists and turns

The study of the brooding character is reminiscent of director Sidney Lumet’s style of urban dramas of the 70s. The film reveals the top form of the entire cast and witnesses flawless portrayals by actors like David Oyelowo, Alessandro Nivola, Catalina Sandino Moreno and Albert Brooks.  Likewise, both Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain put up career best performances as Abel Morales and Anna respectively. Besides superb performances, the film comes replete with memorable twists and turns, including the one in which Elyes Gabel (who plays Julian in the movie)is attacked by hoodlums who want to steal the oil that he is transporting on his truck.