No Gender Pay Gap at Google: Company Introduced New Labour Methodology


Google has published new methodology to department of labour claims that there is no gender gap exists within the company.

Company makes salary based on different factors, they are: “Role, job level, job location as well as current and recent performance ratings”.

Once the salary is calculated by analyst then it fed into company’s pay equity model. Process consist of the four stage that suggested compensation amounts between genders and company made adjustment if any statistical gap is observed.

Eileen Naughton said,” Our analysis gives us confidence that there is no gender pay gap at Google,”. He added that Google’s most recent analysis, performed in 2016, covering 52 different job categories found “no gender pay gap.”

Google has published an overview of how to reach to pay equity analysis model for business and expanded its own system to cover race in determining pay, as well as publicly sharing analysis of how to compensate employees.