Nintendo to unveil ‘2DS XL’ Handheld Video Game System by July End


Nintendo is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics company that develops game consoles. The firm declared the updated version of the 2DS that is ‘2 DS XL’ handheld to more familiar design of the 3DS line. The system has a minor footprint for more portability. Still, have to wait while because the new console hits store July 28.

The console releases on 28th July in the United States for $149, the price tag has wallet friendly and will attract some 3DS fans too. Japanese people are getting the console on the same day, but the release date for Europe is yet to be declared.

The new handheld system has features dual rear cameras and it also has a front camera. For scanning amiibos, it has built-in NFC capabilities, matches to the new 3DS. The screens are larger than original 2DS.

The system also features the new C-Stick and ZL and ZR buttons presented on New 3DS XL hardware, and it’s smaller and lighter.

Many spectators wondered what the Nintendo would do with the 3DS line now that the Switch is both home and portable console – seems like it’s not planning for the dedicated portable.