Nigerian Scientist’s Invention Recognize Smell of Explosives


A Nigerian scientist Oshi Agabi’s invention helps to detect explosives by smell. Oshi Agabi has come up with the computer based invention called Koniku Kore. The invention showed at the TEDGlobal conference in Tanzania, which is based on the mice neurons.

To recognize the smell of explosives the device has been prepared and could change the way airplane terminal security checks are generally done.

To provide the brain for future robots the inventor Oshi Agabi is wagering on the modem-sized device. The greater part of the huge tech firms, from Google to Microsoft, are hurrying to make man-made brainpower displayed on the human cerebrum.

The inventor is endeavoring to figure out science, accomplishes with a small amount of the power it would take a silicon-based processor.

Oshi Agabi said, “Biology is technology, Bio is a tech”. Further, he added, “Our deep learning networks are all copying the brain”.

Over a year ago, Agabi introduced his invention ‘Koniku’ which has raised $1m in funding, the invention is already making profits of $10m in deals with the security industry.

The start-up invention is the grouping of living neurons as well as silicon with olfactory capabilities.

Agabi said, “You can give the neurons instructions about what to do – in our case we tell it to provide a receptor that can detect explosives”.

The scientist predicts a future where a device can be cautiously utilized at different focuses in airplane terminals to get past air terminal security. The device can be used to detect the bomb, also used to detect disease by identifying air molecules that a patient gives off.

Agabi said, “I think it’s unethical not to deploy any resources we have to fight terrorism. It is the urgent problem that we face as a species”. Further, he added, “That’s not to say that we shouldn’t be careful of bio-integrity”.