Mysterious GIF Feature Makes Samsung Galaxy S8 Erratic


Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus offers Samsung Edge panel feature. This feature is hidden on the side of the display. Think of edge panels as an extra home screen but with Samsung’s smartphone its nothing like that.

Galaxy S8 Edge includes app shortcuts, tasks shortcut and contact panel by default. But, there’s another panel that turns your Galaxy S8 into a GIF making the machine.

You can create animated images with just a few taps, you need to set some extra steps for that.

To add the Smart Select Tool you need to open Settings, then need to select Display option and further proceed with Edge screen and Edge panel options. Tab Smart select panel to enable it.

For making a perfect GIF When you find a video, slide out the Edge panel until you find Smart Select. Tap the GIF button with red color, line up the area you want to capture and after that press record.

Once you’re completed, you can edit the GIF, share or save the GIF. The GIF that’s playing above was recorded using the high-quality setting.

Inappropriately, you can’t tap through menus when it’s recording a GIF.