Innovative Human Behaviour & Immunity System Based Networking Solution Developed by IIT Researcher


Problem appearing in nature find solutions by their own are not only useful but also avoid their repetition.

Engineer and Scientist are looking forward at natural processes for inspiration and they will be used in future to solve other problem related to different filed. Encouraged by healing things model Udaipur based researcher developed solutions on cyber security and networking field problem.

Dr Heena Rathore, working in field of cyber security at IIT has developed a solution on cyber security based on biology. Her solution was inspired by two processes includes natural human behaviour and immunity system.

By Combining both the processes Rathore developed unique network security system to identify and eliminate unfavourable elements and treats in the network.

Security in WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) plays important role as it gives sustainability to the network. Security threats can be introduced in WSN through various factors, where ongoing data transmission can be interfered or a particular node can be altered.

The researcher incorporated all the factors into model, which work to establish trust among different component of the network.

The second phase of system works the same way as a human immune system work. System maintains the purity of the network while avoiding further damage caused by the attack.