High-Resolution 3D Depth Sensing Solution Mutually Declare by Qualcomm & Himax Technologies


Qualcomm Incorporated, an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunication equipment company and its subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies declared a partnership to accelerate the high-resolution 3D depth sensing solution.

Through the partnership both the companies bring their ideas as well as their experts will get a chance to learn different things. The collaboration of both the technologies will deliver a completely incorporated Structure Light Module 3D arrangement.

The Structure Light Module is defined as the turn-key 3D camera module that conveys real-time depth sensing as well as for indoor and outdoor environments 3D point cloud generation with high-level accuracy.

The Structure Light Module is designed for low power utilization, making the arrangement perfect for installed and cell phone combination.

For a wide exhibit of business sectors as well as ventures with large scale manufacturing both the technologies will commercialize the Structure Light Module 3D camera as a total camera system solution.

The senior vice president and president of Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Mr. Jim Cathey said, “This partnership with Himax highlights the technology investments we are making with Taiwanese companies to continue leading in visual processing innovation”. Further, Jim Cathey added, “The combination of cutting edge technology licensing and collaboration with an industry leading Taiwanese partner like Himax will help create groundbreaking new products in Taiwan, strengthening the global 3D depth sensing ecosystem and boosting Taiwan’s economy”.

Chienchung Chang said, “As an engineer, it is gratifying to see how our technology inventions enable products that will enrich the user experience for consumers around the world”. Further, Chienchung Chang added, “It has been a great experience collaborating with Himax on the project to enable 3D computer vision technologies in smartphones, virtual reality and augmented reality products”.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Himax Technologies, Jordan Wu said, “Our 3D sensing solution will be a game changing technology for smartphones, where we will enable the Android ecosystem to provide the next generation of mobile user experience”.