Google’s Pixel and Nexus 6P Excels in Low Light Smartphone Photography


Google’s two smartphones, Nexus 6P and Google Pixel have outstanding camera quality. People are impressed with the low light performance of the Pixel smartphone since it releases.

A software engineer at Google named “Florian Kainz” has done some experiments with Nexus 6P and Pixel cameras, focusing on the night time photography. He previously worked with Industrial Light and Magic for many years.

Florian’s aim was to recreate a low-light exposure with a professional DSLR using mobile sensors in Google phones. At the point, he comes up with the app allowing him to capture several photos at his exposure time.

He completed exposure shoot through tripod mounted smartphone and then he collects the data into his device for further procedure. He performed the movement for some manual adjustment. After all the procedure his product was work unbelievable photography.

His experiment is that his steps towards improving night time photography ready for automation.