GBU-43: United State Drops Powerful Nonnuclear Bomb On ISIS Caves in Afghanistan


On Thursday 13th April 2017, The United States released the “GBU-43, mother of all bomb”, on Islamic State cave in Afghanistan. GBU-43 used in attack, it has nickname “mother of all bomb”, that describes power that it must have.

US President Donald Trump has given additional authority on the Pentagon in his first month, which the military has claimed will help it defeat the Islamic State. Trump did not comment on approval of Thursday’s mission.

Central Command say non-nuclear bomb dropped on ISIL caves. USFOR-A officially released a document related to attack:

Mr. Trump said,” We have greatest military in the world”, “We have given total authorization, and that’s what they are doing”.

Thursday’s strike using a 20,000-pound bomb that total cost $16 million. And it requires more $3000 million to develop-hit a tunnel complex, as per US military in Afghanistan.

Statement did not disclose how many militants were killed. In Afghanistan, the attack against tunnels and caves reflects ever changing nature of war.

Mr. John W. Nicholson said that Islamic State fighters using I.E.D.S, tunnels and bunkers to thicken their defense.

Government of afghan was kept in the loop about bombling, said by Shahhussain Murtazawi. While the damage, which occurred at night, was nuclear.

Afghanistan’s former president, was between those who convicted it.