“Fast and Furious” Actor, Paul Walker’s Father Sues Roger Rodas’ Estate for $1.8mn!


Father of “Fast and Furious” actor, Paul William Walker III is suing Roger Rodas’ family for 1.8mn dollars. Roger Rodas was the driver of the car in which the actor as well as Rodas perished. The late actor’s father has registered a creditor’s claim,where he has stated that Rodas’ estate was in control of several automobiles which his son also had whole or partial ownership of. The star’s father is demanding the return of the vehicles, and a share of the proceeds from the sale of these cars. The family of Rodas, on the other hand, has rejected his claim.

Who is Roger Rodas?

Both Walker and Rodas died in the November 2013 accident when the car they were in, a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, crashed. Investigation into the car accident revealed the cause to be speeding,with the car said to be going over 80 miles per hour. On the ill-fated day, the two men were returning from a fundraiser and were only a fair distant away from their auto outlet when their car rammed into a tree and caught fire. Both died on the spot; the actor was then 40 years old.The other person in the car who perished along with the actor in the November car accident wasRoger Rodas, a close friend of the actor besides being his business partner. They were owners of the California performance and racing outlet, “Always Evolving”.

The actor leaves behind a teenage daughter, a father and two brothers

Apart from his father and two brothers, the late actor has an adolescent daughter, Meadow Walker, who was described by her grandfather as being shy around himin an interview with E! News. He also added, “She’s doing—I hear from the grapevine—very good in school,”