Facebook: Artificial Intelligence Software Will Recognize Terrorists


Facebook’s Founder has come up with the new plan through which it is possible to identify terrorists. Mark Zuckerberg has the plan to involve Artificial Intelligence software review content posted on the social network. Further describing the plan, he said by using an algorithm it is possible to recognize the terrorists as well as it is beneficial to prevent suicide and so on. Mark’s said that to developed necessary algorithm it will take years. The declaration has been greeted by an internet safety charity, which had been critical of the way the social network had handled posts depicting ultimate violence. In his 5,500-word letter, he said,” it was impossible to review the billions of posts and messages that appeared on the platform every day”. Mark’s added,” The complexity of the issues we’ve seen has outstripped our existing processes for governing the community”.

“We are researching systems that can read the text and look at photos and videos to understand if anything dangerous may be happening”, He said. Further, Mark’s Zuckerberg said, “This is still very early in development, but we have started to have it look at some content, and it already generates about one-third of all reports to the team that reviews content”. He said, “It’s worth noting that major advances in AI are required to understand the text, photos, and videos to judge whether they contain hate speech, graphic violence, sexually explicit content, and more”. The plan was greeted by Facebook’s safety advisory board, the Family Online Safety Institute. Facebook has been previously criticized for allowing beheading videos. Family Online Safety Institute’s vice president of legal and policy, Jennifer Hanley said, “This letter further demonstrates that Facebook has been responsive to concerns and is working hard to prevent and respond to abuse and inappropriate material on the platform”.