Experts Use 50-Year-Old Lab Technique to Extract Circular DNA


Experts from the University of Texas at Dallas used the old method to extract the circular DNA. The researcher used the 50-year-old technique to clean a specimen of DNA as well as concentrate on the round DNA. In the small test tube, scientists added DNA to a thick salt arrangement containing cesium chloride then at high speed spun the sample in an ultracentrifuge. Circular DNA stated as denser as well as it concentrates in a band close to the base of the tube.

The team of the researcher from the University of Texas at Dallas as well as Stanford University School of Medicine published a study that characterizes circular DNA with the help of process known density gradient centrifugation.

The chromosomal DNA is the DNA atoms that make up the qualities and chromosomes in our cells are rope-like strands. The chromosomal DNA is found in every cell as well as contains hereditary guidelines expected to do organic capacities. But extrachromosomal circular DNA designed like a circle which occurs independently of linear DNA. The experts are still operating on the how circular DNA operates within the human body.

A Beckman Foundation postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford, Dr. Massa Shoura said, “The interesting thing is that different types of cells seem to have different repertoires of these circles, even within the same person”. Further, Dr. Massa added, “They’re not all created equal — the circles in your skin cells might be different from those in my skin”.

The experts noticed circles that were duplicates of coding areas on chromosomal DNA in both human cells as well as in the worm. Still, the process of how the circular DNA is created are not well understood.

Shoura said, “In order to establish circular DNA as a biomarker for disease, we first have to have a method for reliably and cleanly separating circular DNA out of a sample, purifying it, so that we know what we are studying is just the circles, without other genetic materials mixed in”.

The experts exposed the samples to the modern purification technique to clean the sample of the circular DNA where the researcher’s study stated that the circular DNA is part of the Genome which plays a normal role in the normal DNA processing.