Engineers Planning to Launch Smarter Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Experts from Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO are planning to launch smarter robot vacuum cleaner, a smart cleaning concept for smart offices. A smart robot will take care of all the cleaning jobs that been scheduled in Outlook. The engineers make use of IoT technology for developing the smart robot for smart offices.

With the help of IoT concept, the employee can use the intelligent booking system in Outlook to plan the automated services of a Robot Roomba 650 robot vacuum cleaner.

A smart robot makes and updates its schedule in real time by taking existing appointments as well as the appointments for rooms with higher need into account, and the robot offers alternative slots if one booking crashes with another.

Apart from that, it also evaluates when conference rooms have been reserved and autonomously works out the best way to ensure those rooms are always clean for the next meeting or event.

Roomba uses a virtual map to help the robot to find the way to reach room from its charging station but The main thing it needs a human to do is to open the entryway. Roomba returns to its charging station, after the completion of the work.

Once the first version of the smart robot has been successfully implemented, the experts are planning to expand the concept. In future, the smart robot being able to enter rooms without human help by means of program doors.

The Fraunhofer concept stated that the maps are saved locally and are used uniquely for the purpose of cleaning offices dissimilar to the latest Roomba models, where office map data is uploaded to the cloud and sold.

When the smart vacuum cleaner integrates with the ecosystem of the ENTOURAGE research then it removes platform dependency. The ENTOURAGE ecosystem allows cross-platform use of smart services so Roomba associate to communicate with speech assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa.