Dallas Mavericks Beats Eastern Conference’s Best Team Washington Wizards!


In the Tuesday match between the Mavericks and Wizards, it was the Dallas team that emerged victorious by defeating one of the best teams of the Eastern Conference with a 114 win. The Washington Wizards managed to score only 87 points in the Tuesday night match. The match turned out to be a cakewalk for the Dallas Mavericks, who were expecting a tough fight from the Wizards.

Basketball magic by Dallas Mavericks leads to their 3rd straight victory!

The excellent play was in part due to the highly well organized offense put up by Dallas,which apparently did not require the help of their forward Dirk Nowitzki. The team’s points continued to rise, with six of its players playing an instrumental role bycontributing double figures, includinga20 point score by Maverick guard Monta Ellis. The game was the team’s third uninterrupted victory.While responsible for only seven turnovers, the Dallas team hadwon the season series in November, with its 105-102 score against the Wizards. As a result, it earned the distinction of a10th consecutive series win against the Washington team.

A night of sloppy performance by the Washington Wizards!

The Washington Wizards could not keep up their winning streak, which the team displayed in its Monday night game against Houston on Monday, in which it scored 104 against Houston’s 103. The team was exceedingly careless and committed twenty-three turnovers in the match against the Mavericks. Bradley Beal, who was the star at the Wizards vs. Houston match,missed nine out of eleven shots and ended the day with only 10 points on the 4-of-14 shooting. John Wall, the team’s point guard,scored only 11 points and had just eight assists.Nene, the team’s power forward, on the other hand, had to leave the game because of an ankle injury.