China’s Students Invented a Cloud-Based Book Software


The members from Hommy team implemented their project in Hackathon and win the first prize for their outstanding project called cloud-based book software. The Hackathon competition held in Pudong New Area last month. The invented software translating the sign language and as per the weather automatically select wardrobe. The 300 student participated in the competition aged between 16 and 21-years-old, using top-notch technologies they try to make invention within the given time limit. They are the first team in China region who runs the technology-oriented media service. The competition was named Hackathon just because there is a time limit of only 24 hrs for the participants to complete their project.

The participants have rights to select the topic for the competition of their choice, and their invention was estimated based on the presentation, creativity, applicability, and design by 21 judges. The competition brings different competitors together with their knowledge. The 18-year-old co-founder of the organizing team, Pan Yuchong said, the younger students may have more innovative ideas while the college students have more technical knowledge, so the two types of students can cooperate with each other and create better products”. This competition was held to teach most of the student’s relevant knowledge as well as how to make use of the technologies that they are studying in their education life. Most of the students attended the competition for the first time. One of the students at Shanghai Yan’an High School, Zheng Tianyu said, “We benefited greatly from the workshops”. The DreamT Cloud Services Prize won by his team and the invented software helps middle schoolers and high schoolers learn to code. Further, Zheng added, “What also helped us were the hardware and software provided by the sponsors”. The prospectus of the event explained that Companies may see the hackathon as an opportunity to test their newest products. A judge of the event and Director-General of Zhishu Center of Youth Public Service, Mr. Zhu Bing said, “The logistics of the competition can be better planned”. He added, “But a youth hackathon organized by the youth is intrinsically a valuable idea”.