Chat Bots: Facebook Strategies to Focus After Unacceptable Start


Facebook had organized its annual conference for developers in 2016 for its new invention in the technology field.

Facebook users are still waiting for a more than years.

Facebook plan to build a Chat Bots, the computerized robots that resolve human queries. But they had a disappointed start. Many of them didn’t reach to consumers, some of them were irritating.

After suffered from all kind of issues, Facebook has come up with double-down strategy. They plan to start working on the same with extra efforts.

Facebook’s Vice President, David Marcus’s statement, “We’re adding extra efforts and tripling down bots”.

On 18th April 2017, Conference for F8 developer related to bots will begin in San Jose, California, where chat bots will be a biggest focal point against this year.

He added, Facebook presently has 33,000 running chat bots and the count will definitely increase in future.

From big social network in Asia, US organization pick up a page for launching chat bots, where business has been inserted for increasing the conversion on texting platform.

Mr. Marcus said,” We have to bring the best method of conversation that occurs in Messenger”.

One possible change will happen in future: Facebook will present bots to a group conversation.

Facebook focused us to ActiVision, where bots are used to interact with consumers when it released the “Call of Duty” game.

At the end, Facebook Vice President Marcus claims that bots can improve customer service.