Audi Combine with Hanergy to Develop Thin Solar Panel for Electric Cars


German automobile manufacturer Audi AG teamed up with Chinese solar cell specialist Hanergy to develop a solar panel for its electric cars. Hanergy founded in 1994, active in wind, solar and hydropower generation.

To develop thin solar panels German automobile manufacturer is working with Alta Devices that can be incorporated into the panoramic glass roof of a car. These best in class boards have a productivity of more than 25 percent and are thin and adaptable, so they can go up against many shapes and structures.

The brand predicts these boards could cover the whole surface of an electric auto’s rooftop to tackle however much power as could reasonably be expected, and will even work in low light.

The solar panels generated energy will stream to the auto’s electrical framework to control volt-hungry accessories like the air conditioning and the seat heaters.

Audi’s board member, Bernd Martens said, “The range of electric cars plays a decisive role for our customers. Together with Hanergy, we plan to install innovative solar technology in our electric cars that will extend their range and is also sustainable”.

Audi AG expects it will be conceivable to send power to the battery pack to encourage give energy to the electric engines.

Bernd Martens added, “A milestone along the way to achieving sustainable, emission-free mobility”.

Before the end of the year, both German automaker Audi AG and Hanergy anticipate building the main model with solar panels embedded in the roof.

The E-Tron Quattro idea presented two years back at the Frankfurt Auto Show will bring forth a creation demonstrate one year from now, so the sunlight based rooftop could be prepared when generation starts.