An Innovation ‘Battery-Free Light’ Could Replace Reflector’s On Bike


Georgia teens invented a battery-free light that could help to replace the reflectors on a bike’s spokes. The new device could save plenty of lives. As a bike is driven the required power comes from a flexing of the tires. Teen’s innovation could help light up bikes at night time. The 19-year old thought would help to decrease the number of the bike accidents as well as to make bikes more visible. Usually, to brighten the road, Lights on bikes are often designed, that is the reason they are pointed forward. But the visible safety devices are attached to wheel’s spokes, those help to reflect light from a vehicle headlight back at drivers. But the cyclist can be largely invisible to a driver. So the teens have come up with the invention to make an outstanding device that doesn’t depend on a vehicle’s headlights.

The device never requires a battery; it glows on its own as it is driven by a small piezoelectric material. Electrons move used to generate an electric current when such material activate. At the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Thomas represented his research. Thomas device consists of the three small bits of piezoelectric material which are located between bike’s tire and its inner tube. When the wheel switches down to make a connection with the street, the weight presses on the piezoelectric bits. The process could help to generate LED’s lights. The lights are attached to the bars of the bike’s wheel, where a reflector would normally call. The materials flex back to their normal shape when the bike rolls off that create another flash of light. This radiance would be brighter than a standard reflector. According to Thomas opinion, his device would be seen more easily than the reflectors used on bikes.