An Application Developed to Combat Mental Illness


Scientists have invented a smartphone application to manage mental illness as well as its various appearances. A developed application can help people to manage the serious health issues.

This advancement was a result of a need to investigate mechanical answer for well-being related issues as against the customary psychosocial mediations.

The scientists from Dartmouth College in the United States are the creator of this application and Mr. Karen Fortuna led the project who is a lecturer of the institution. According to the information of the source, the developed application can also manage medication adherence, stress vulnerability, medication abuse, and substance.

Scientists said that the use of the application has just been put to test and if the result of the test is anything to pass by then the scientists conclude that energizing circumstances lie ahead for individuals with dysfunctional behavior.

For the test, the 10 people are selected at 55.3 years’ age experiencing genuine dysfunctional behavior as well as other endless well-being conditions. These people were said to have announced an abnormal state of ease of use and communicated fulfillment with the application.

Mr. Karen said, “The use of mobile health interventions by adults with serious mental illness is a promising approach that has been shown to be highly feasible and acceptable”.

Further, he added, “Smartphone applications also potentially facilitate patient engagement in participatory, personalized, and preventative care”.

A lecturer of the institution, Karen noted, “As the healthcare industry increasingly embraces prevention and illness self-management, it is important for physicians and patients to be actively involved in designing and developing new technologies supporting these approaches”.

The scientists have said that the application does not require highly specialized capability as patients with restricted specialized abilities could utilize the application.