Alumna from University of Florida Invented Mural Making Robot ‘Botsy’


    Ms. Alumna Liza Kholodkova from the University of Florida invented a mural-making robot named ‘Botsy’, that can help people to do artwork efficiently. As drawing a mural on a permanent surface such as a wall is quite difficult as well as long process. Ms. Alumna has come up with the new idea to get a robot that can save time as well as the efforts. Botsy can help muralists to make their artistic process easier. Kholodkova said, “Botsy can finish the artwork in a couple of hours”. Alumna completed her graduation from University of Florida in 2015 with a double degree in aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering. Alumna’s journey started with ‘BeDrawn’ company, the company sells her invention to muralists. While doing mural artwork, she observed the difficulties to map the mural out, inspiring her to build a robot that can save the muralists time as well as efforts.

    UF’s Integrated Product and Process Design program held last year, Kholodkova and her robot appointed to create a mural in the department’s currently barren hallway. Kholodkova said, “Botsy is normally able to produce mural sketches that are 8-by-6 feet, however, the piece for IPPD will be 30-by-6 feet, requiring Botsy to be used in four different blocks”. Kholodkova said of the College of Engineering’s proposal, “They thought my project was cool”. She added, “When they called, I wanted to come up with something that captured the spirit of IPPD”. Ms. Alumna said that she liked the Kurzgesagt channel’s artwork style. She said, “They took some kind of scientific concept and tried to explain it in simple terms”. Further, she added, “When I emailed them, they actually replied”. The IPPD director, Mr. Keith Stanfill said, “It looks like it leads to a morgue”. He added, “I wanted something memorable to make the hall more interesting, and I want it to showcase the combination of technology and art”.